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Photographer & Artist

Margot Hartford

For the past 20 years Margot has been photographing people and interiors for websites, magazines and for personal portfolios.

She works in the Bay Area (US), Toronto, The Netherlands and other parts of Western Europe. 

Karolyn Herrera.jpg

Book Editor

Karolyn Herrera

Since high-school, Karolyn's passion has been to enable clients like me to communicate their words and ideas in the most appealing way.


Karolyn is the editor of my book Happiness Roars.

She lives in Olympia, Washington State (US).


Logo Design


Graphic designer for over 10 years, Murat created Super Immigrant's logo, as well as its 196 variations, in order to include all countries on our planet.

He lives in Turkey, Europe.


Website Design & Development

Go 4 Websites

A reputed brand management company, with experts in website designing/development and Mobile Apps, Kevin & his team designed

They are based in India.


Movie Poster

Mohsin Khan

Graphic designer for over 8 years, Mohsin designed Michelangelo's movie poster.

He lives in Pakistan, South Asia.


Book Formatting Expert


Noman is a Kindle, ebook and print formatting expert. He formatted my book Happiness Roars. 

He is based in Bangladesh.



Alexis Coursault (Chewbie)

Chewbie in the Sky is Alexis "Chewbie", songwriter, singer and guitarist in many bands including Riske Zéro (first parts of Gaétan Roussel, No One is Innocent and Aston Villa as well as several tours in France) to which is added the softness and harmonies of female singer Ony's voice, the ukulele notes played by Anéo, and the drums of Aurian, 3 young talents from La Reunion island. where they all live.

Alexis is the creator of Super Immigrant's musical theme.


Video Editing

Meher Boulaabi

MB4S is a worldwide video team which created Armelle Studio's introduction video.

He lives in Tunisia, North Africa.


Life Coach

Guyto Gourdialsing

Certified in martial arts, fight systems, and self-defense as well as neuro-linguistic programming, stress management, and self-confidence management, Guyto created—along with his wife, Delphine—the "Feel Your Reikigai" method of living.


Today my life coach, he's done me the honor of collaborating on the chapter 13, Master Your energy, of my book Happiness Roars, as well as building a coaching program with me. 

We were both born on the French island La Reunion in the Indian Ocean. He lives in Paris (France) with his family. 

Awesome Web Girl Photo.jpeg

Book Cover

Awesome Web Girl

Graphic designer for over 6 years, Awesome Web Girl designed Happiness Roars' book cover.

She lives in Nigeria, Africa.

Christy Anasraj Photo.jpeg

Christy Anasraj

Christy is a freelance designer for the design industry. He designed the T-Shirt "First Time Collection" for Super Immigrant.

He lives in Sri Lanka, an island nation south of India in the Indian Ocean.

Jody Banks.png

Director & Video Editor

Jody Banks

Jody Banks is an award-winning producer, writer, director, DP and editor based near Ocean Beach in San Francisco.

He is the editor of October 3rd's screenplay trailer.

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