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SONG RELEASE 1/19/2024
I Sweep PINK Tag.jpg


Welcome to “Sweeping Away!” I’m so glad that you found me and my high-energy feel-good song “Sweeping Away.”

In the same way that artists like Aretha Franklin, Gloria Gaynor, and Beyonce have been  cheering you up and talking to you about the power and respect that a woman commands and how we never give up and we “will survive” since the 60s,  “Sweeping Away” is my anthem to empower women all around the world and to help us all stand together and get through dark times.

“Sweeping Away” is an anthem for the woman who is in control of her emotions, her choices, and her life. The woman that even though she may get knocked down by life, gets right back up stronger and powerful than ever.

This song was inspired by my own personal experience feeling overwhelmed by the emotions that come from being hurt. In June 2023, I’d reached my limit. I felt myself turning bitter; however, I chose not to let it get the best of me. Instead, I turned the bitterness into something proactive. I leaned on my gift as a writer to bring me back to the light… and the light is what I found. There is always light. I chose to find the light always and to be happy and so can you.   

When hurt, don’t stay mad. Sweep away! That’s it. Just sweep away and fulfill your destiny.

Armelle Cloche




I am not a singer. In fact , I have never sung publicly and I had certainly never recorded a song before.  

I will not embellish my incredible music career. Why not? Because I don’t have one.

"Sweeping Away" is my first single.
I’m a writer who writes what she feels, sees and experiences. I put my emotions into words,
words that I want to share with YOU today.
"Sweeping Away" is spreading its positive energy  throughout Guadalajara, Mexico, where I live, since the start of the project.
My own enthusiasm and the desire to empower other women has attracted an amazing team of like-minded people; ready for the challenge of sweeping away things that are holding them back from living full-lives and fulfilling their destinies.
With the help of uber-creative music producer
Luis Morales, video producer Daniel Suárez, and 12 beautiful, brave and courageous women, we worked together to bring you the inspiring song and music video "Sweeping Away."

Please join us today, and stay up-to-date with the latest news and press releases about "Sweeping Away." We hope you will become our greatest fans!!
Looking forward to sharing this amazing journey with you all. 


Let “Sweeping Away” become your new mantra to manifest your inner greatness.

YouTube Sweeping Away

Sweeping Away - The Official Video
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Sweeping Away - The Official Video

Sweeping Away - The Official Video

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The Making Of Sweeping Away

The Making Of Sweeping Away

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Sweeping Away (Official Video with Interviews of the 13 Sweepers)

Sweeping Away (Official Video with Interviews of the 13 Sweepers)